Do it for those you love...
Do it for your peace of mind.
What if your death occurred tomorrow?  Would your family know
what to do?  Would they know your wishes?  Difficult decisions are
more burdensome to make while grieving, and emotional
overspending can often result.  We understand this, and know that a
simple way to make it easier for those we leave behind is with advance
funeral planning and funding.

Heritage Funeral Home's professional, caring commitment to serving
our community grows every day.  We are proud to partner with the
Selected Funeral Life Insurance Company located in Hot Springs,
Arkansas.  SFLIC shares this same commitment in helping you secure
your wishes before the need arises.

What is Advance Planning?  It is arranging for and selecting the type
of funeral service and related merchandise before they are needed,
often years before the death.  We would be happy to visit with you, even
in the comfort of your own home, explain the different options and
answer any questions so you can make informed decisions.

What are the advantages?

Your Family    Without a doubt, the most important reason to
plan in advance is to spare your family the many difficult
decisions at an emotionally trying time.  Even the most sincere
desire to create a meaningful tribute can result in emotionally
driven overspending, and regretful decisions.
Peace Of Mind    We all have thoughts and special wishes
concerning our own funeral arrangements.  Making plans early
leave no difficult decisions for others, and provides you and
your family the comfort to know everything will be taken care of.
Saving Money    If you choose to pay for your funeral in
advance, the designated funds lock in today's prices protecting
your family from steadily rising costs.  You have the added
security of knowing that all funds are protected with SFLIC, a
legal reserve life insurance company.

Don't be mislead in thinking that the Veteran's Administration, Medicaid
or Medicare will take care of your final expenses.  They will not.  While
they may pay a small cash reimbursement such as the $255 Social
Security benefit for surviving spouses, beyond this, the entire financial
burden will fall on your family.

Don't Put It Off    Important decisions about your final wishes should
not be made last minute in a hospital room, or on a hurried trip to the
funeral home.  Advance planning with Heritage Funeral Home can
avoid this scenario.  We encourage you to discuss this matter with your
family, then call us for a no obligation, no pressure consultation, or
sign our
Guest Book to request more information.  Please know we are
just as committed to your family's needs today, as we are when a
death occurs.
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Springdale, Arkansas