Care and Concern After the Funeral...
Resources to Help.
After the funeral, when friends and family have gone home, and the
phone calls and visits have ended, you may feel like you are expected to
be back in a routine and living as if everything is normal again.  This is
simply not the case.  Intense emotions and periods of depression can
continue for months after a death, but grief is a path that does not need to
be traveled alone.  Heritage Funeral Home continues to be concerned for
your well being even after the funeral by providing support and resources
to the families we serve.  You are not forgotten.

When we first visit with your family to plan the funeral we will provide
beneficial literature specific to your relationship to the one who has died,
a self-help worksheet to help confront the first few days of grief and the
stress of the funeral, as well as literature on what to expect in the first
months following the death.  These resources are practical, easy to read
and understand, and provided at no cost to you.

The first holiday season after a death can be extremely difficult because
someone is missing.  When this time of year approaches you will receive
a guide that we hope will make getting through the holidays a little
easier.  In December we sponsor a Holiday Remembrance Ceremony at
the funeral home to give hope and comfort, and honor the memory of your
loved one with a personal keepsake ornament.  Guest speakers,
beautiful music and good food make this event a time of warm memories
and love.

Our Lending Library offers a variety of titles specific to circumstance,
age and relationship of the bereaved.  Please take time to stop by for a
visit and view the titles we offer in our library.
1591 S. 48th Street
Springdale, Arkansas
Many books were obtained through a generous gift
by the family of Carl Glen Ford, 1932-2007.
What makes a
Funeral Meaningful?